Welcome to this side of my blog. I decided to have a page that contains all the stories I wrote, write, and stories to be written by yours truly. I hope you'll be able to show a little support and I would really appreciate it.  Thank you in advance!

I will share to you my not-so-perfect but tolerable and understandable stories. I don't really know the exact reason but I enjoy reading and writing my thoughts and sentiments. I love how writing makes me wanna open up everything that's roaming around my mind. It's crazy how much I have done in just a year. I am so thankful. May God continue to encourage me to do what I love and enjoy doing. With your support, it will really help me accomplish things. 

So here it is guys, my first ever stories! I decided to write a series of stories about 'Sassy Girls'. I am not really a fond of a woman character who has this poor and weak personality. I want to write something where a character is much stronger, bold, and SASSY, of course. 

Without making the short story long, I want to introduce to you the Sassy Girls Series. 
All these will be posted and published on my wattpad account.

Disclaimer: Don't expect too much. I might disappoint you. But then again, enjoy the stories!